The sponsoring is a perfect implementation of your apperance! The point is to make more attention of you! Here you get information about the further possibilities as a sponsor to make yourself more visible.


Do you want more? Be the official partner of the Personal Hungary! Our sponsoring-package insures you an exclusive apperance online, in press and on the site!

EUR 6.500,- 

Special field sponsoring

    'Salary, benefits, incentive systems’
    ‘Organisation development, training development’
    ‘IT system for Human Resources’
    ‘Recruitment, Selection’
    ‘Change management’
    ‘Labour law, labour-related matters’
    'Corporate Health'
    ''Gamification & Educational games"

Exclisuive  EUR 1.500,-  /field

Lecture sponsoring

Would you like to present your lecture on the exhibition, but you are not interested in being an exhibitor? Invite your clients to your 45 min lecture, which is advertised highlighted.

EUR 1.750,-   

Visitors registration sponsoring

Every visitor registrates iin advance on our website. After a succesful registration they get a PDF document with a barcode as a confirmation. On this ticket, that gets every visitor, and on the registrational stand we represent your logo!

Exclisuive EUR 1.250,-   

Catering- sponsoring

Every visitor spends at least 15 minutes in the cafeteria to have rest. This is a great opportunity, to make attention to you in a very direct way and get more partners. Stand your roll-up here, or hang your molino advertisement! ( 2x1 m)

NEW EUR 600,-   

WLAN sponsoring

We provide the free WiFi internet for our exhibitors. Be the exclusive WiFi sponsor of the Personal Hungary, and use the special advertisements on the site!

NEW  Exclisuive EUR 2.500   

Premium-Lounge sponsoring

For our VIP guests and keynotes we arrange an exclusive 10m2 lounge, which you can sponsore! Here you can stand your roll-ups, hangers and representational gifts.

NEW Exclusive EUR 2.200,- 

On-site Advertising

Exhibition Catalogue

2.500 copies of the exhibition catalogue are printed and handed out for free to all visitors of Personal Hungary at the entrance to the exhibition. It contains a short overview of the seminars, the list of exhibitors in alphabetical order, the index directory and the hall plan. Even long after the exhibition it is the most important source of information in print. Being a concise and reliable tool for research it serves as a reference book to many decision makers all year round. The exhibition catalogue helps you find the right partner for any task – quick and easy. The exhibition catalogue is published on the first day of the exhibition.   

Systematic product index

The most important tool to make potential customers aware of you is an entry in the product-group directory. Browsing the exhibition catalogue is an easy way for visitors to collect information on exhibitors and their services. Don't run the risk of letting potential customers slip away to competitors because they missed your entry in the directory. Without an entry in the product directory you will not be found by customers who search the directory by product. (Form: "Entry of systematic product index")   

Company Profile

Your registration fee includes your basic entry in the alphabetical exhibitor listing. Your company's logo is placed above your contact details. Additionally, you have got the opportunity to present a more detailed portrait of your company or your products on this page.up to 300 signsup to 600 signsup to 900 signs (Form: "Catalogue entry") 


You'd like to highlight your stand presence with one of your hostess who hand out brochures or flyers in the hallways? No problem! (Form "Advertisement")   

Visitors' Lanyards

After registration at the fair, each visitor will receive a personalised badge they wear on a lanyard around their neck. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to advertise and present your company through this prominent display directly to the visitors! (Form: "Advertisement") 

Exhibition Bags

At the entrance to the fair each visitor receives a bag with your company logo. The bag is filled with the Exhibition Catalogue, Exhibition Guide and Wall Calendar as well as other important information you may provide. The bags can be customised upon request. 

Logo on the Fall Plan in the Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition catalogue is used by every visitor for orientation. Catch their eye by placing your logo on the floor plan inside the exhibition catalogue, and attract more potential customers to your stand.   

Logo on the Floor Plans

The bigger the fair is, the harder it is for visitors to find the individual booths. Make it easy for visitors and show the way to your stand with your company logo on the floor plans. The floor plans will be located at strategic locations in all three exhibition halls of Personal Hungary. Thus, it will be easy for the visitors to find you at any time!

All-year Advertising

Banner ad one www.personalhungary.hu

Book this fantastic opportunity to make yourself seen. Let your banner ad (with hyperlink, 125 x 65 pixel) light up the Personal Hungary website! Your banner ad will be presented in about six places.

Contact Person

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Tel: +36 1 8862 840

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