Our partners und customers said...

"Every epoch has it's passionate teachers and people, who are eager to learn from them. Although, somtimes meets the supply the demand, and other times doesn't. The encounter happens, when there is a professional organiser, that makes it exactly the way it is in that epoch needed. The Personal Hungary had such a professional organiser, and we enjoy to speak in a crowded room."

Zoltán Baracskai, László Mérő 

"The roundtable-discussion is a great opportunity to confront our argumentes, learn new ideas and an other point of view. So can we understand the people better and we can motivate them better."

László Károlyi, CEO Legrand Magyarország Zrt.

"Very good, very useful, it is very impontant to have it every year."

Laura Komócsin, general manager, Business Coach Kft.

"This is a very interesting exhibition, you can find many colorful possibilities to learn, how others thinking, how can we an other way working, what more can you get."

Tamás Szolyák, general manager, NOVARTIS

"In 2015 it is the 9th time, that NEXON take part in Personal Hungary, which offers ideal place and possibilitiy to present our innovations for the professionals of HR."

Szilárd Ocskay, general manager, Nexon Kft 

"We aim to be present every year, here find we the partners, with whom we can cooperate, and the presentations and speaches and stands, we are interested in. We like the feeling of it."

Zsombor Andó, Legrand Zrt.

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